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Welcome to Vancouver’s most up to date and true Real Estate market informational pages. Here you will find data information for Condos, Townhomes and Detached homes all in one place in all of Vancouver’s top locations.

Specific Markets?

Looking for a very specific market? Each location is drilled down into sub areas to give you most raw data on the areas you are interested in.

Below are links to all of 2017’s market activity for Vancouver West to West Vancouver. Click on each month and see the full update to give yourself the most accurate information.

Data Transparency

As a Top Vancouver Realtor I want you to have the same data and information for complete transparency. Turn off the news and see real information for yourself!

I want you to know what I know at the same time I know it. Too many times in over a decade of Vancouver Real Estate have I spoke to individuals with false information from the media.



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Past History

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