Sharing Information in the Media

As a top Vancouver realtor with over a decade of experience, Leo is your trusted source for all your real estate needs. His specialization in real estate marketing has earned him invitations to share his tips, tricks, and ideas on various media outlets in Vancouver.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing real estate market, having a top realtor who is experienced and tech-savvy is essential. Leo understands this and has shared tons of valuable insights and top tips for buyers and sellers over the years.

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Vancouver Realtor Leo Wilk Talks Real Estate on Populist!

Leo joins the good people of populist to share insights on Vancouver Real Estate!

Vancouver Leo Wilk is interviewed by Fiona Forbes on Global News about home staging.

Thank you to Urban Presentations for helping us out this the staging of this home. It really makes a huge visual impact and is a huge positive when selling your home.

How to Price your Home for Sale

Top Realtor Leo Wilk shares his home pricing tricks of the trade on Breakfast Television. There are many things to consider when pricing a home in a competitive market.  Find out what they are on BT!

Renting in Vancouver – The Reality

Although Leo is not a rental agent in Vancouver having a local Realtor who knows what the market is doing is great to hear from.

Buying Presale Condos in Vancouver

Leo Wilk stops by Breakfast Television to talk about buying presale/pre-construction condos in Vancouver. As a Vancouver Realtor with years of experience in presale condos we share some great tips!

Top 3 Mistakes Buyers and Sellers Make in Real Estate

Top Realtor Leo Wilk talks buyer/seller mistakes on Breakfast Television.  These avoidable mistakes can be avoided by working with a knowledgeable realtor who knows the market.

Vancouver Realtor Leo Wilk updates us on the Real Estate Market

Leo talks about recent real estate statistics for Vancouver. Your Vancouver Luxury Realtor has all the stats!

Strata Living – Your Vancouver Realtor Leo Wilk Explains

Strata living in Vancouver Real Estate. Find out tips and info about living in Vancouver condos.

Vancouver Realtor Leo Wilk Visits Vancouver BT Vancouver for a Real Estate Market Update

When looking for a market update it is integral you drill down. Find out why from Leo Wilk!

We Have Built Our First Home! Leo & Journey Have Done It!

After teaming up with Journey we have funded and built our first home for someone in need! To find out more or to help see our Journey page

Leo Wilk Highlighting A West End Penthouse on Real Houses of Vancouver!

Leo Wilk highlights one of his Penthouse listings in the West End. A truly unique home in the city.

Marketing Your Home for Sale in Vancouver Real Estate

Vancouver BC Realtor Leo Wilk talks about marketing your home in today’s market. The good and the bad.

Real Estate 101 with Your Vancouver Realtor Leo Wilk

Vancouver Real Estate 101! Your Vancouver Realtor Leo Wilk talks the Real Estate basics with Fiona on The Rush.

Buying Pre Sale | Pre Construction Condos in Vancouver

Realtor Leo Wilk talks to Fiona and Mike about tips for buying pre build condos in Vancouver.

Leo Wilk, Your Vancouver Realtor Talks Multiple Offers in Vancouver

Vancouver BC Realtor Leo Wilk talks with Fiona about Multiple Offers in Vancouver Real Estate. Did the market “crash” as the media predicted?

Choosing a Real Estate Agent & Pricing Your Home in Vancouver

Tips on picking the right Vancouver Real Estate Agent for you and the importance of pricing your home to sell.

Condo Inspections. Are they important? Leo Visits the rush to answer.

Condo inspections in Vancouver. Should they be done? Vancouver Realtor Leo Wilk talks about the benefits.