Maximizing Open Houses In Vancouver

So, you have your condo listed, congrats! Now it is time for some open housing to show everyone out there why your condo is a better purchase. The first week is a crucial one for any new listing as Realtors will be bringing in clients to the first couple open houses as you typically do not show until after the first opens.  Now, your Realtors job is to market and sell it. Your job is to clean and make it presentable. I do not want you to spend thousands of dollars staging your condo but here are some simple tips that are very affordable;

De-cluttered Vancouver Condo 1 – Clean, clean , clean. From your windows to the grout in the closet. Make sure you do not leave a  stone unturned when cleaning your place. People will leave your place with a bad taste in their mouth  and will be on to the next, cleaner condo. Hide your used soaps and shampoos in your shower, empty  your dishwasher, and hide or do all your laundry.

2 – De Clutter. It is time to treat your home like you are throwing everything away! When someone  (potential buyer) opens your drawers, and they will, you don’t want to leave any trace behind! De  Cluttering is the key to a home feeling and looking bigger and better taken care of. If you do not de  clutter, you will watch your neighbours place sell before yours.

3 – Light it up. If you get a ton of natural light in your condo you are already at an advantage to your  darker neighbours. If you have areas that are darker, buy some scented candles or lamps. Condos are    typically small and adding light always makes it feel and seem bigger. Remember, the bigger the  better!

4 – Smell Check. For the first week or two if it goes that long, buy some nice fresh flowers that match  and really add some life to your place. This really helps with first impressions and you only get one  chance. Scented candles last longer than flowers as well if you are not a horticulturalist!

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