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Second Closet Disrupts the Self-Storage Industry with Unique Service

What is Second Closet?

Second Closet is an innovative and technology based storage service company disrupting the self storage industry. The company picks up, stores and returns items for as low as $3 per month. The prices and service are unbeatable in comparison to their competitors. No longer are the days of moving boxes into an overpriced storage unit! 

The company operates in Toronto and Vancouver, with demand growing in urban areas. The popularity is rising as Second Closet dominates in convenience. Recognizing the huge investment in time and money in traditional storage units, this service solves these issues for busy moms, dads and professionals. 

How does Second Closet work?

The service is straightforward and starts with a quick 30 second online order. Customers choose what size items they want to store, when they want it picked up and general payment information. It is as simple as that. Not to mention, all of this can be done from the convenience of home!

Next, Second Closet picks up the items as scheduled and stores them in climate-controlled facilities. The company provides exceptional service with their wholly owned movers, trucks and facilities. With full control of their operations, Second Closet is able to deliver effective service and meet the needs of their customers.

The service works as easy as it sounds. There are no additional pick up charges and the customer only pays for the space they need. If they want an item back, they can quickly schedule a delivery and the item will be delivered at their convenience.

Company Founding Story

The company was founded by CEO, Mark Ang. The inspiration for Second Closet came about when Ang moved into a condo with his brother and pet dog. 

With no room or closet to spare for storage, Ang looked to the small grubby locker space provided with their unit. The storage locker was not ideal. It was on the ground floor and lacked security. The space was small and not great for storing things. 

He looked for a better storage option but to no avail. Thus, the journey of Second Closet began. Watch this BNN interview with CEO, Mark Ang to hear the story straight from him! 

Top 3 Reasons to Try Second Closet

1) Affordability

The prices are affordable no matter what the storage needs are. There are two types of storage plans: Item Plan and Space Plan.

The Item Plan starts at $3 per month. The prices range from $3 to $36 per month depending on the size of the stored item. This option allows the customer to pay only for the space they need.

The Space Plan storage option is priced at $45 per month, which provides a fixed space for self-storage. This plan is ideal for storing many items.

2) Convenience

Schedule a pick up and pay online from the convenience of home at any time. There is no need to move items physically to a storage unit. As well, time is saved as Second Closet does all the moving work for you. The company even delivers items back to you if you need something returned during your storage period!

3) Security

Items are stored in safe and secure climate-controlled facilities. Have peace of mind while storing stuff with Second Closet.

The company operations are all in-house, meaning they own all their trucks and facilities. Their drivers are employed by the company and none of their services are done through independent contractors. This allows for higher trust and safety throughout their operations.

5 Reasons Why Second Closet Works for Real Estate Needs

Here at Leo Wilk Real Estate, we are always thinking about our client needs! So here are 5 ways Second Closet helps client needs for Real Estate!

1) Declutter Your Home for Staging

Clear out furniture from your home and prepare it for staging! Use Second Closet to store extra items while you show off your home to potential buyers.

2) Seamless A-B Moves

Move from one home to the next with ease of mind. Second Closet makes this process seamless and easy! Order online and have your items picked up without the hassle of moving them yourself.

3) Tech Forward Service

As a technology based storage company, the service cannot be beat by traditional self storage options.

4) Solves Storage Gaps

If there are any gaps between the selling and buying process, Second Closet provides the storage service you need. Take advantage of this unique storage service as you prepare to move into a new home.

5) Professional Workers

There are many moving parts during the buying and selling process. Working with professionals who can make your life easy is an important aspect of the real estate journey.

Live in Vancouver and ready to use Second Closet? Check out their website and schedule an order online today!

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