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Words Your Vancouver Realtor Should NEVER Use

Words Your Vancouver Realtor Should NEVER Use

Many times you can’t see what your Realtor has said in the Realtor remarks of a listing. I would ask them to send you the actual Realtor sheet once your home hits the market to make sure these words below are not being used.

In the Vancouver Real Estate market I see words like “motivated seller” and “bring all offers” in the listing description all the time. Although the Real Estate Agent may think he/she is helping you sell they are actually hurting the listing more than helping. “Bring an offer” pretty much means the Realtor has given you a green light to low ball the seller and without even letting you, as the seller, know.

Trust me. If you put your condo on the market in Vancouver to sell, you are probably “motivated”. If your Realtor lets everyone in Vancouver know you are “motivated” they have already lost the negotiation when it comes time to the offer. I have even made offers on listings that said highly “motivated seller” and then they would not even come down $5,000. We walked away and let the selling Realtor know that they definitely are not helping by putting this up as there is no way the seller knew this wording was being used.

This shows massive desperation on the sellers accord. Right there your Realtor has already taken sides with the buyers and started working with them and not you. You do not need this word in your listing to sell. If you really want to have your listing sell and get offers – Price it right!!!5

This could also signify you have a problem with your home or even building and need to get out.


Great Value, as opposed to what? Poor Value?! Thanks for letting us know that we are not getting taken to the cleaners on this one! That’s like when someone asks why they should work with me… Trustworthy, hardworking, loyal? Because they thought I was dishonest, lazy and disloyal?!

Focus on things in the actual listing to point out, not the “value”. We are in a great Real Estate Market here in Vancouver and we must go in with confidence.

This word can seem like you have a “cute” and insignificant listing. Starter home, hmmm. Do you remember your starter car?! I do, and it was the biggest pile of garbage I have ever driven! It smoked out my high school parking lot every time I started it and people would duck down low as to not be seen in it when we drove out… This is what “starter” reminds me of so let’s keep that word out of your listing!

Wow, you spent 500 dollars to paint your Vancouver condo! I have to see this one!
Fresh paint definitely helps when you list your Vancouver condo or home but we don’t need to highlight that on the write up. Let the pictures do the talking.

I do recommend always painting your listing before it hits the market if needed. But make sure there are many other highlighted features and/or renovations as paint is not the greatest thing ever to happen to a listing.

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