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What Is a Character Analysis ?!

What is a character analysis ?!

A character analysis or character merit assessment is part of Vancouver’s Heritage Action Plan: 

“The Heritage Action Plan is a review of the policies and tools used to conserve and celebrate heritage resources. It was approved by Council in December 2013 to improve how the City supports heritage conservation in Vancouver.

Actions implemented through the plan will result in an update of the City’s existing Heritage Conservation Program, which was originally established in 1986, Vancouver’s centennial.

Consultants, staff, and a public advisory committee are working on actions set out in the plan. You will also have numerous opportunities to provide your input.”

Why you need a character homes merit assessment…

“A character merit assessment reviews the front and street-facing sides of a house to determine if it retains character features.

Apply for assessment before renovating, redeveloping, or demolishing a house built before 1940.


  • If a house is eligible for conditional aspects of zoning, such as additional floor area
  • The level of recycling required if a house is going to be demolished

Character merit assessments are not applied to outright zones (RS-1) at this time but may be in the future through the Character Home Zoning Review.”

Steps for completing the character homes merit assessment

Simply follow this link here and fill out the online form. The forms are reviewed each Wednesday, so it’ll take about one week.

To complete a successful application you will need the following:

  1. Full address of the property
  2. The floor area of the home
  3. The year the house was built
  4. Zone (if known)
  5. 5-8 pictures of the following: the massing, roof form, front porch, exterior wall details, window openings, frames, and details. The streetscape – the front of the house with at least 2 houses on either side of your home. Make sure you DO NOT include: Google Street View images, photos taken from a vehicle, images of the inside or rear of the house. Doing so may result in a delayed report.

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