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What is a Walk Score in Real Estate Listings?

What is a Walk Score?

A Walk Score is a metric. Walkscore.com has them all, and it looks at how far you are from various amenities and community locations like schools and parks. It gives you a ranking out of 100. The closer you are to 100, the more walkable you are to places. 

What is a Walk Score in Real Estate Listings?

Walk Score in real estate listings plays a role in analyzing a property, especially for prospective buyers. There is a lot that goes into determining where to stay and where to live. It is affected by what is close to the real estate property. How close is the property to your workplace? How far is it from the grocery store or the nearby park where you want to take your dog? 

Those kinds of things really play a role in determining where you are going to end up. So being able to look at a Walk Score gives buyers an idea of how walkable a location is or not. 

A Walk Score also helps sellers provide information about their home. If the listed property is in a very walkable location, that is a great selling point to highlight. Therefore, using a Walk Score provides some data to back this up. We always include a property’s Walk Score on our real estate listings.

Breakdown of Walk Score, Transit Score and Bike Score

Below is the breakdown of the Walk Score, Transit Score and Bike Score.

Walk Score

90-100 Walker’s Paradise: Daily errands do not require a car.

70-89 Very Walkable: Most errands can be accomplished on foot.

50-69 Somewhat Walkable: Some errands can be accomplished on foot.

25-49 Car-Dependent: Most errands require a car.

0-24 Car-Dependent: Almost all errands require a car.

Transit Score

90-100 Rider’s Paradise: World-class public transportation.

70-89 Excellent Transit: Transit is convenient for most trips.

50-69 Good Transit: Many nearby public transportation options.

25-49 Some Transit: A few nearby public transportation options.

0-24 Minimal Transit: It is possible to get on a bus.

Bike Score

90-100 Biker’s Paradise: Daily errands can be accomplished on a bike.

70-89 Very Bikeable: Biking is convenient for most trips.

50-69 Bikeable: Some bike infrastructure.

0-49 Somewhat Bikeable: Minimal bike infrastructure.

Walk Score, Transit Score and Bike Score

Walkscore.com is a really wonderful website. You plug in an address and it does a calculation. They have created algorithms to assign a Walk Score. A hundred would be the highest you can get. And zero is the lowest. Zero would mean you have to get in a car to do anything other than take a walk. 

So if you have a high walk score, it means that easily within reach of that address, you have all kinds of things you can do on foot routine errands, the dry cleaner, the bank schools, parks, restaurants, everything you need close by.

And not only do you get a calculation on a Walk Score, but you get a transit score too. So if you want to use public transportation, you have a good snapshot of what that’s going to be like as well. 

You also get a bike score, which factors in the bike paths. Is it easy to ride around an area or is it tricky to ride your bike? A Bike Score helps measure this.

How does Walk Score work?

Walk Score measures the walkability of any property by analyzing hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities. They use a point system based on distance. Furthermore, they take a look at factors such as population density and the length of a block to determine pedestrian friendliness.

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