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Guide to Virtual and Physical Staging

The wonders of technology mean that you as a home owner can all the benefits of home staging without the hassle and cost.  With physical staging ranging upwards of $2,500 it can be off-putting to consider having your home professionally staged despite the added value it offers when trying to secure a sale.  While physical staging is optimal as it allows the viewer to imagine the space in real-time, virtual staging can highlight the potential of a property if the current furniture is outdated or if the space is empty.  If you are considering whether it is worth it for you to pay to have your home staged here are the pros and cons of each method.

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Physical Staging

Pro: The viewer gets to see the space physically as it could look.

Pro: Allows the buyer to better imagine the house as their home and develop a connection to the space

Con: High cost of staging

Con: Hassle of having to move furniture, potentially having to store your own furniture.

Virtual Staging

Pro: Low Cost usually around $40 per room

Pro: You can choose any design, including high end or rare furniture

Pro: No moving hassle

Con: The viewer can see the potential of the space but doesn’t get to experience it in reality

Con: Virtual staging lacks the emotional and physical connection a buyer may experience with a home, they may not be able to connect to the space virtually

Con: Virtual staging may mislead buyers about the actual condition of the space

Other Considerations

Knowing when to use each staging method can be key to not losing potential buyers.  Considering the dynamic of your perspective clients can be important to consider when you are looking at staging.  If your target sale is to young millennial’s, virtual staging may be all that is needed to attract this more tech savvy generation.  However, if your sale is more likely to go to an older generation they may appreciate being able to view the space as it could be physically.

Another consideration when staging is the actual space.  If it is empty virtual staging is a great option as filling the space fully would be timely and costly.  As well the viewer is not going to experience any disappointment from seeing the space in a different state then the rendering.  If the apartment is furnished consider whether the furniture does the space justice – is it old, does it match, would a few key pieces be enough to change the dynamic of the space or does it need a complete overhaul?  Next consideration would be the budget and expected return on the investment in staging.  If a complete re-staging is likely to raise the value of the property and the interest of prospective buyers by X amount of dollars then it may be worth considering.  If the return is unlikely to change much then either re-organising the current furniture to be more visually appealing or providing a virtual rendering of the potential of the space may be enough.  Work with your realtor to decide which staging will be most successful for your home.

Considering Staging your home?

Fluff Designs – I have worked with Fluff on numerous occasions and they always do a great job. They can stage anything from a 300 sq ft studio in Yaletown to a luxurious Kitsilano home.

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Urban Presentations – Jennifer at UP is very professional and easy to work with. She works hard, fast and are very professional and I highly suggest giving them a shot at your condo or home when it comes to staging for sale.

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