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Roof Repair Season in Vancouver: Maximizing Our Sunshine Projects

Roof Repair Season in Vancouver: Maximizing Our Sunshine Projects

When you live in a coastal community, it is vital to plan your renovation projects as much as possible. Maximizing our dry, sunny days is an integral part of the roof repair equation. If you are thinking of selling your home with a leaky or damaged roof; be prepared to drop significant numbers off of your asking price. Our climate dictates the need for a sound and secure roof to prevent mold issues and other upper respiratory spores from entering our day to day. There are many times a sale has fallen through last minute due to the potential buyers being turned off by the amount of money they will need to send in order to replace or repair the roof. Conversely, there are many times the seller maintains their ability to keep their sale price firm because they have a skookum home renovation file detailing receipts and expensive upgrades that have been recently completed.

Fixin’ Your Fixer-Upper Before Selling

Leo Wilk Real Estate offers expert buying and selling advice as part of our superior customer service. We don’t get paid until you do; therefore, we are happy to make any suggestions regarding the best renovations to complete. There are many great roofing businesses in Vancouver and the surrounding metro. Regardless if you have your heart set on Yaletown, Kitsilano, Coal Harbour, Fleetwood or beyond, I can help you negotiate a fair price for buying or selling your home. Taking the repair situation to heart on both ends can drastically influence everyone’s bottom line.

Spring and summer are great times to schedule your new roof in order to minimize exposure to the damp and windier times of the Lower Mainland. However, sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of picking a repair time in the event of major storm damage or fallen trees. A reputable roofer will be able to save the day and provide the external equipment to keep your home or office protected in the mean time, no matter what season it is.

Leo Wilk – Your Vancouver Realtor

We are happy to work with you on your specific timeline. Even if you are not listing tomorrow, it is great to do some research regarding sale prices in your neighbourhood. Discover the ranges of what you can potentially expect to sell your place for as is or how to increase your bottom line by completing certain repairs. Leo Wilk Real Estate is dedicated to helping you secure some solid bones. It is important to look past the newly painted trim and take in the roof of your building. Any sign of moss, nests, lifting shingles or broken gutter pipes needs to be amended. Your curb appeal equates to the health and safety of the abode. If your potential buyer has asthma or mold sensitivities, any unsightly green slime along your roofline is going to be a huge deterrent.

Exterior Repairs to Consider Prior to Listing

Besides taking care of the roof, now is a great time to address issues that were previously too soggy to deal with. The milder weather means you can turn the furnace off and open up the doors and windows. Freshen up winter’s stale stagnancy and decide if a fresh coat of paint will add to your prospects. Exterior window trim, fencing, gates,  the front door and the external siding can all benefit from a great power wash prior to repainting. Broken concrete and disintegrated stepping stones can be replaced. Window replacement and updating those sliding glass doors is another excellent sunshine project to consider. Staining or painting your deck is a big job but now is the time to tackle it. The irony is that many people’s home finally looks finished and customized once they are preparing to sell and leave. However, this is extremely satisfying for both the buyer and the seller when these upgrades are done correct. Check out my latest listings here and let’s commence your relocation project!

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