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Real Estate Marketing: The Good, The Bad & Ugly

Real Estate Marketing: The Good, The Bad & Ugly

Real Estate Marketing 101

Vancouver Realtors who save hundreds on marketing can and will cost you thousands of dollars.

In this crazy Real Estate market today it is easy to get away with bad marketing and still sell homes with multiple offers. However, what the seller does not realize is that those 2 or 3 offers could have been 5 to 10. And those additional 2 to 5 offers could have earned you an additional 10, 20, 30 40,000 $$$?! Who knows, and that is the problem with poor marketing and especially poor online presentation of your home.

It is so easy to see the difference. Take these 4 pictures below. The bedroom and the living room are the same suite, sold years apart. Which pictures do you think would drive more people to view your home for sale?! The ones taken on the iphone 4S or the ones by a professional real estate photographer?

It goes both ways

Now don’t get me wrong. You as the seller also have a responsibility to prep your home, de-clutter and make sure it is ready for you to present to potential home buyers.

But, a good Realtor will be able to tell you how to get ready and should be able to get the right marketing. The photos on my left look like the seller actually worked to get their home ready
but then the agent let everyone down with the poor quality marketing. This is so easily avoided and cost you as the seller thousands of dollars on your sale price. If I was an owner and saw the photos like this I would have held off on listing or found a brand new Realtor to work with. One that would spend the money, take the time and who actually cared about making more the most money possible.

How Real Estate Should Be Marketed

So let’s now compare to the same home, a few years later and a few more dollars spent. These are the exact same rooms with a coat of paint and with professional photography.

With a professional staging consultation, high quality photos, virtual tour and a professionally measured floor plan we were able to generate multiple offers and a sale price over asking! It is so obvious to say when you present a home in this fashion you will be busier. More viewings, busier open houses and bodies through the door will always give you a better chance at a higher sales price, multiple offers and an overall better real estate experience.


Example #2! Can you tell which ones were done professionally?!

Dining Room bad marketing 201-1190 W 6th Ave Vancouver Real Estate Marketing  Professionally marketed townhome by a Vancouver Realtor

How do we get your home ready to sell?

Included in my selling / marketing package you will receive:

  • Free staging consultation by a professional staging company. Sometimes just moving furniture and buying a few new pieces goes a very long way.
  • Professional photography – the key to online presentation and interest
  • Professionally measured floor plans – finding an extra 100 sqft when measures properly can equate to $70,000! 700$ per sqft x 100 square feet = $70,000.
  • Virtual Tour – full scale virtual video highlighting the features of your home/building and location. By the time they have view the photos, floor plan and video buyers are ready to offer before they see the home! It has happened many many times.
  • On top of all that there is social media advertising, mls, google ad words and so so so so sos much more!

To talk about the marketing and sale of your home contact me anytime!

Leo Wilk | (604) 729-5203 | [email protected]

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