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Matterport Marketing in Real Estate

What is a Matterport?

Matterport is a 3D camera for real estate that allows users to interact with the house through a virtual model of the home’s floor plan. With the growing trend of virtual reality, 3D tours are part of the future of real estate today. Matterport was able to introduce a camera that links a user to a home before they even see it in-person. 

How is Matterport used in real estate?

This interactive tour allows users to interact in three different ways. Walk around the house, view a 3D model of the house and a bird’s-eye view of the floor plan to understand the layout of each floor. It is used as a virtual marketing tool to showcase a home online. Potential buyers view the home online with the Matterport virtual tour no matter where they are. They have the ability to see the inside of the home and get a better sense of the property.

Our Matterport for a Sold Waterfront Property

Here is an example of a Matterport tour done for our Sold Waterfront Property in Coal Harbour. This Matterport scan allows you to view the inside of the home as if you were actually there. Plus, it shows the stunning waterfront view of Coal Harbour which is a selling point for the home.

How does a Matterport help buyers? 

Instead of driving all over and attending showings trying to find the perfect place, you are able to fully experience different homes without leaving your own. The existing technology lets you virtually walk through a home with the click of a button, saving both time and energy while maximizing the number of houses view. This is a huge advantage to buyers as they narrow down homes to view with the help of these virtual tours. 

How does a Matterport help sellers? 

For sellers, marketing your home has many pieces involved. A virtual tour is a great way to showcase your home online to potential buyers. If buyers view a virtual tour before scheduling a showing, they are more informed coming into the property in-person. This attracts buyers who are more interested in your home and have a better chance of liking your home in-person too.

Benefits of Using Matterport

This tool allows you to target a wider audience as it eliminates the physical barrier. Matterport allows more people from other cities and even countries to explore the house as it physically presents. Furthermore, fewer showings will be scheduled and those scheduled will be from a more serious buyer. A 3D tour offers more exposure and convenience, which better targets the needs of the buyer and seller.

Using Matterport for Marketing as a Realtor

This innovative tour differentiates you from other realtors. Not only does it provide you with added benefits, which could include a quicker sale within a shorter timeframe, it also emphasizes your customer service for your client. It positively impacts the sale and selling experience, and is one of many marketing tools that can be used to sell a home.

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