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How to Price your Home for Sale | Leo Wilk on Breakfast Television

Leo Wilk shares his insider knowledge on how to price your home for sale in the current market. In this market pricing your home properly is key to selling.  With more competition on the market it can be hard to know what to price your home at to stand out from the competition. Price drops are not always the answer, depending on the home it can work to hold out on a price and wait for the right buyer.  It depends on what the seller wants if they are more concerned with price or time.  Knowing the surroundings of the house as well as the amenities it offers can help the realtor understand what to price the home at.

Three things to consider when pricing your home

  1. The assessed value is not always relevant to pricing the listing.  Looking at market comparable and understanding what is selling in the area is a better guage of price.
  2. It comes down to your gut instinct.  Knowing the market and understanding trends in the area can only take you so far, trusting a gut instinct that is backed by market knowledge can result in a great sale at a higher price.
  3. Houses come with different pricing considerations than condos.  You need to take into account all aspects of the home including amenities, location, lot size, direction, parking etc. and then price accordingly.

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