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How to Declutter Your Home and Sell It – Tips for Home Staging

Learn how to declutter your home and sell your home fast! Home staging helps buyers picture themselves living in the home they view. Decluttering items and removing things that are distracting helps this whole set up!

Last week we posted our 5 Top Tips for Staging a Home for Sale and today we dive into the art of decluttering your home. Here are some tips and tricks to declutter your home and get it ready for home staging.

Tip 1: Make a great first impression with your curb appeal.

Curb appeal is what the home looks like from the outside. It’s important that landscaping is updated and looks appealing right from the start. Pro tip – take a photo of your home during a season when your lawn is fresh and green! This way you have great photos to present no matter what time of the year you start selling your home.

This is where potential buyers make their first impression of your home. Make sure everything is looking clean and tidy! It begins with the front yard, door steps and front porch. All before they even step foot inside your home. Remove any items lying around and get rid of excess things. Instead, place a clean welcoming doormat at your entrance!

Tip 2: Remove all personal objects.

When it comes to decluttering your home, we like to take it an extra step by removing all personal objects. This is essential to depersonalize your house. Remove photos, awards or anything throughout the home that shows someone else lives in the home. Although this may feel weird for you as a homeowner, this makes the experience better for potential buyers coming through.

Tip 3: Put away any evidence of owning a pet.

Before showing your home, get rid of any signs of your pet if you own one. Put away their food bowls, toys, pet homes and beds, etc. Make sure to clean up any hairs if your pets leave hairs on furniture, the floor or even your clothes if they are inside your closet still. 

Be prepared to take your pet with you away from the home when you are showing your home. You do not want your pets wandering around the home or scaring any buyers while they view your home.

Tip 4: Keep the home clean.

Clean your home and make it spotless! No one wants to see a dirty home. Get ready for some deep cleaning and reach all the spots you never get around to cleaning regularly. If you don’t have time to clean yourself, then hire professional cleaners! 

Ask your local realtor if they have any connections to good cleaners in your area! Many experienced realtors have all sorts of resources available for your needs. Check out our Vancouver Resources for real estate related needs!

Tip 5: Declutter, declutter & declutter!

Finally declutter any remaining items that are smaller than a baseball. Only leave large piece decorations around the home if they fit the set up. Remember you are going for a model home look! It may feel strange to put away so many of your belongings, especially if you are still living in  your home at the time. However, with the right set up you could sell your house faster than if you had not taken time to declutter and stage your home well. So, get going on removing all potential distractions so you can welcome the next buyer of your precious home!

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