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Looking Past the Lipstick. Home Inspections Provide Peace of Mind

Believe it or not, things like a cracked foundation, damaged fireplace and water staining can be covered up. Many homebuyers are shocked to discover long-standing water damage, mold and appliance issues once they move in. While forking out more cash during your closing costs is the last thing anyone wishes for, be sure to budget for your home inspection from the start so that you can be prepared. In the end, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid purchasing a lemon. Having the purchase of your property be contingent on the home inspection report can save you from potential penalties if you back out of the deal if you find there are imminent repairs required.

Vancouver real estate and home inspections

Choose a Reputable Home Inspector

An experienced real estate company such as Leo Wilk Real Estate in Vancouver will easily be able to recommend a reliable home inspection company if needed. Your bank may provide a pre-approved list of home inspectors to use as well. Do your homework and ensure the person you choose has plenty of experience in their field. Ideally, they should show up with a ladder to inspect your roof and chimney, a flashlight and a comprehensive list of items they are going to inspect. Skipping out on your home inspection could lead to a bevy of unwelcome surprises down the road.

Be Present During the Inspection and Obtain Your Copy of the Written Report

A great home inspector often mentions routine maintenance that should be kept up as they survey your property and home. Some of the key items they will be looking for include:

*Crackling or settling evidence within the foundation.

*Status of exterior walls.

*Roof, gutters, chimney, vents, soffits, etc.

*Bug infestations, nests, hives etc.

*Ensure garage is correctly vented and that the garage door is in working order.

*Grading of driveway and all slopes for water issues.

*Water heater, furnace, HVAC, household appliances (potential fire hazards, age, correct installation etc).

*Electrical wiring and outlet testing to ensure there is no risk of electrical burns or electrical shock, check the electrical panel.

*Plumbing review and leak check and location of water shutoff valve; may recommend secondary inspection if pipes are extremely old.

You are definitely covering a lot of data and ground during a home inspection. Securing a copy of the report is a vital part of the history of your home. It is great to obtain a hard copy to refer back later and keep safe in a filing cabinet. Some inspectors offer environmental testing and will have a device to check the mold spore count and provide an air quality reading. This is common in homes with previous water damage or grow-op history. Try to book your home inspection so that you can be present and discover any potential issues ahead of time.

Bargaining Power

You may discover that your septic field is up for replacement or you are on a timeline to tie into a new sewer or water system. You may discover that all of your household appliances pose a fire hazard and are completely unusable. You may discover a leaky roof has been cosmetically repaired and needs to be fixed properly ASAP! Your home inspection can provide pertinent information that you may use as a bargaining chip when it comes to your counter offer and final purchasing price. At the very least, it will provide you with peace of mind and a general outline of when you will be budgeting for new windows, a roof, a new furnace or hot water heater etc.

Leo Wilk Real Estate: Vancouver’s #1 Choice

A home inspection is valuable regardless if you are looking for a condo, vacation property, town home or single detached dwelling. Leo Wilk Real Estate is committed to providing you with answers and options every step of the way. Our team has worked with some excellent home inspectors and we have some whom we highly recommend. Enjoy knowing the facts prior to signing on the dotted line! I’d love to show you my latest listings in the Vancouver area. Call Leo Wilk Real Estate today!

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