Have Some Pride – Clean Your Home!

There is an epidemic happening all over Greater Vancouver Real Estate and for the life of me I cannot figure it out.

Here it is:

Someone pays anywhere from $600,000 to Millions of dollars for you home or condo, gives you the dates you needed to align you with your next move in life and you leave your home in a messy state. So the person who most likely paid you over asking or near asking has to move into a dirty home because the seller was too cheap or had no pride in handing over their home in a clean manner.

Too many times have I heard “the seller cleaned it themselves and said it was clean” from other Realtors. That is great… but what most people do not know is that a surface clean is not a move out/move in clean. Odds are you just walked away with hundreds of thousands of dollars and in many cases tax free and you cannot even step up and pay a couple hundred to make sure your home is handed over in pristine condition.

Hire a professional cleaner to clean your home or investment property once everything is moved out. This includes appliances, dusting the blinds, cabinets, cupboard and of course a deep clean of the bathrooms. DO NOT clean the home yourself. You have been living there and the standard is so much different when handing over a home to a new owner.

This is why I offer cleaning services as part of my Real Estate services. I always have cleaners ready for my buyers when they are getting keys and after my sellers move out of their home the last thing they want to do is clean so I always send in a professional cleaner. I hope all other Vancouver Realtors start picking up this tab as it saves so many headaches and it also rubs off of the Agent if the home is handed over in a terrible state. So not only should the home seller have pride the listing agent should have some as well….

That is my rant for the day!

If you need a cleaner, check out my Resources page and get your place cleaned!

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