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Convection Ovens | What Are They?!

Convection Ovens

When touring homes many Realtors highlight the convection oven that the kitchen includes. We all say that is great and then we we leave the home or condo we have just toured I often am asked …” so, what is a convection oven?!”

The definition; a cooking device that heats food by the circulation or hot air

What a convection oven?

Convection oven trump towerThe big difference is that a convection oven has an exhaust system & a fan that a typical oven/stove does not include. What these two extra features do is blow the hot air circulating around the food in the oven then vents it back out. This allows one to cook the dinner more evenly and even faster.

Advantages of a convection oven

  • Faster cook times; It is known that a convection oven cooks food approximately 25% faster than a regular oven
  • More evenly cooked; Regular ovens have certain areas that could be hotter (hot spots) like a bbq per-say. This is avoided in a convection oven as the heat is perfectly circulated.
  • Better browning; Because moisture cannot get out of a regular oven easily it usually is more humid. The convection oven helps create a better atmosphere when roasting so foods get browner much more easily but you do not lose the moisture on the inside of the food like a dry turkey!
  • Energy savings; A convection oven can cook foods faster and at a lower temperature so it is a bit more efficient compared to your everyday oven. This will help you leave a better carbon footprint…. !

Using the convection oven setting

When you decide to try and use the convection setting here are some quick tips;

  • Lower your temperature by 25% then has been recommended
  • Check in on your food earlier then suggested as you will be cooking faster
  • Make sure you are making it a good environment for air circulation

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