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Boost the Sale Price of Your Vancouver Home with These Renovations

Boost the Sale Price of Your Vancouver Home with These Renovations

It is easy to get in over your head unintentionally when it comes to renovating your home prior to selling. Taking the time to determine which renovations will be the most appreciated and affordable is vital to helping you spend in all the right places. Here are some fantastic selling tips!

Many energy efficiency upgrades for example take a few years to reap the financial rewards and may be best left up to the new homeowner to install. However, creating a fresh, harmonious vibe is always a huge plus when it comes to listing your home. Leo Wilk Real Estate in Vancouver offers these tips to help you maximize your selling price.

From the Outside In

First impressions go a long way as far as curb appeal goes. Refinishing your deck or entryway is an inexpensive endeavour that can dramatically update your aesthetic. Spray paint your railing, trim and check the status of your front door. A simple coat of the right weather resistant paint or stain product can extend the life of your wooden and metal counterparts can provide the mini TLC facelift that will attract potential buyers. Adding fresh flowers or greenery in the form of hanging baskets, potted trees and vibrant grass can easily breathe some nature into your front yard. Replace dead landscaping or add some sod to create a welcoming vibe.

Repainting and Refreshing

Dingy and distressed walls don’t look fresh or clean. Repainting your house or a few key rooms or entryways offers a clean palette. Use neutral shades to make your space look lighter and brighter and skip using your favourite colours until you move into your new place. It is crazy how much dust and pet hair can attach to your trim boards. Be sure to conduct a thorough cleaning prior to painting to give your new shades the best chance for success.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Gutting these rooms to create the space you have always dreamed of is expensive and not realistic if you won’t be around to enjoy the rewards. Simple updates including replacing or repainting brass fixtures and repainting hardware can instantly update a tired kitchen. Refacing the existing bathtub can do wonders for updating this central room and will save you from purchasing a brand new tub. New lighting fixtures and faucets can transform either of these vital areas. Keep old cabinetry and revamp it with some new stain, paint or sanding.

Flooring and Trim

There are often stains and scratches and even smells trapped in old flooring that can deter potential buyers. If there is significant damage to your flooring, this may be an upgrade to consider. Choose neutral shades and tones that will appeal to a broader audience. However, if the flooring is in decent condition, you may prefer to let the new homeowners add their own taste and install it themselves.

Take Notice of Your Neighbourhood

If you need some inspiration, drive through your neighbourhood and see what catches your eye. Often, streets have similar dwellings to compare. See what you find attractive and what you don’t prefer. Opt for a clean and uncluttered approach to each area of your home for maximum appeal. Making the most of what you have prior to listing can definitely help you maximize your return. Contact us today if you are in the market for buying or selling. Luxury Vancouver real estate is our specialty; however, we are happy to show you everything from condos to acreages and all options in between.

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